At a market: reading glasses among
a multitude of prayer books, lives of saints, and so on
(Rachiv, Ukraine)

Travel/Country Reports
Romania 2005
● Latvia and Lithuania 2006 (Dutch)
Ukraine 2007
Report: 3d Ecumenical Social Week in Lviv – Ukraine 2010
Reisimpressie Oekraïne 2012 (Dutch)

Annual Reports
See About Communicantes

Populism in the Nederlands (published in German in OstWest Perspektiven 18 (2017) 3, p. 192-198 and in Polish in Więź 671 (2018) p. 44-50)
● Catholic Social Teaching in Eastern Europe. Faith and Action as Types of Self-Secularisation in the Context of the One Europe (lecture, 29 mei 2015) in Dutch, English and Croat
The economic ideology of EU. Are we heading towards a social market economy? (lecture presented at the conference “Between Christianity, Democracy and Market Economy: the 10th Anniversary of Lithuania’s Accession to the European Union” in Troskunai, Lithuania, 5 December 2014)
Christ and Christian Faith are Universal, Unbound to Man-Made Frontiers (a lecture that was prepared to be presented at the 7th Ecumenical Social Week in Lviv on 2 October 2014)|
Христос і християнська віра – універсальні, не пов’язані із штучними кордонами (Сьомий екуменічний тиждень, Львів, Україна. П’ятниця 2 жовтня 2014)
Christian Identity: from Word to Action (a lecture at the Riga Higher Institute of Religious Sciences op 15 March 2014)
“The Russian Orthodox Church’s Basic Teaching on Human Dignity, Freedom and Rights” of June 2008, in Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai, Theologia Catholica, LIV (2009) 4, p. 15-21
Union: Siebenbürgisches Idyll?, in Glaube in der 2. Welt 35 (2007) 5, p. 16-17 (German)
IV (2009) 4, p. 15-21
Tradition and Modernity. Tasks for Contemporary Theology and Theologians, in Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai, Theologia Catholica Latina, LII (2007) 1, p. 57-67
The Baltic Area, in Journal of Eastern Christian Studies 58 (2006) 1-2, p. 85-104
Exchange between East and West, a Necessity of Life?, in Studia Universitatis “Babeş-Bolyai” Theologica Catholic 1, series historia ecclesiastica, Cluj-Napoca 2006, p. 123-126
The Greek Catholic Church in Romania, in Journal of Eastern Christian Studies 58 (2006) 1-2, p. 125-136
● The Principal Victim: Catholic Antisemitism and the Holocaust in Central Europe, in Religion, State & Society, 32 (2004) 1, p. 38-51