About Communicantes

Rebuilding Church and Society
Lviv, Ukraine)

Goal of the foundation Communicantes
Since 1974 ΚοινωνοῦντεϚ/Communicantes has been active as a facilitator between Churches and individual believers in Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Its aim always was and still is to promote two-way dialogues between partners in East and West that are mutually beneficial: intellectually, inspirationally and practically. Our network was and still is ecumenical, even multireligious. Our main activities are: funding projects, engaging in dialogue and exchange of persons, and public information. Communicantes is a Roman Catholic foundation.

●   Project, Exchange and Communications Manager: F. Hoppenbrouwers

Board of Governors
V.M. Scheffers, chairman
Father F. Kuster s.s.s., secretary
H.A.A. van Bemmelen, treasurer
G. van Dartel
Father B. Schols s.s.s.
J. Wortelboer