Nov 04

Conference “Women in the Roman Catholic Church of Eastern Europe”

Opposition against notions such as “feminism”, “gender” or “political correctness”, either shallow or profound, cannot be an excuse for inaction, when sensitive issues like trafficking of women, inequality, typecasting, discrimination of women, prostitution or domestic violence are being discussed. Similarly, moral indignation or feelings of moral superiority can never justify passiveness, when sins are committed against women. These were the key findings of our Communicantes conference last 3 November 2012. At castle Hernen, an audience of about twenty listened to three guests from Eastern Europe: Caritas Lithuania’s Kristina Mišinienė, Romanian journalist Márta Bodó and Sister Rebeka Anić from Croatia. Read the introduction to the conference by Communicantes President Professor Nico Schreurs and the lecture of Sister Rebeka Anic. For the work of Kristina Mišinienė, see (with pages in English language as well). Read also the announcement of the conference and some background information at (in Dutch).

Jan 01

Studiedag “De vrouw in de katholieke kerk van Oost-Europa”

Kom op zaterdag 3 november 2012 naar onze studiedag De vrouw in de katholieke kerk van Oost-Europa - voor wie geïnteresseerd is in de maatschappelijke en kerkelijke ontwikkelingen en de positie van de vrouw in Oost-Europa. Lees de folder bij deze studiedag en het persbericht in MSWord of PDF. Vergeten aan te melden? Toch van harte welkom op 3 november in Hernen. Continue reading