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Rebuilding Church and Society
Lviv, Ukraine)

Goal of the foundation Communicantes
Since 1974 the foundation Communicantes has been active in promoting the exchange between the Dutch Roman Catholic Church and the Churches and ecclesial communities of Central and Eastern Europe. Acknowledging that contacts between these regions are necessary to express our common Christian faith, mutual understanding, respect, open dialogue and exchange have remained our core values. The motto of Communicantes is: ταῖϚ χρείαιϚ τῶν ἁγίῶν κοινωνοῦντεϚ (Rom. 12,13). It refers to the desire of our founder, Father Jan Daniël Bakker s.s.s. (1918-1982), to engage in a dialogue with the isolated church communities, especially in Eastern Europe, i.e. the ‘suffering church’ of the communist era.

The foundation:
●   fosters faith-based dialogue and exchange in the field of peace and reconciliation
●   gathers, prepares and controls requests for project grants from applicants within the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches, and passes these applications to grant giving Dutch charities. Communicantes acts as a go-between
●   monitors the development of faith and church in the CEE region.
See also: Publications and Projects.

●   Project, Exchange and Communications Manager: Frans Hoppenbrouwers

Board of Governors
V.M. Scheffers, chairman
Father F. Kuster s.s.s., secretary
H.A.A. van Bemmelen, treasurer
G. van Dartel
Father B. Schols s.s.s.
J. Wortelboer

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