Europe and the Public Role of Religion (Background Information)

Communicantes has invited speakers from Eastern Europe to discuss the inspirational resources that are available to us to shape the future of Europe. On January 21, 2019, in Utrecht, Cyril Hovorun (Ukraine) and András Máté-Tóth (Hungary) will examine the possible contribution of religion. In the past, both Hovorun and Máté-Tóth have discussed the actual role and importance of religion in Central and Easter Europe. Here below you will find links to some recent publications.

Cyril Hovorun
* The Church in the Bloodlands (2014)
* Political religion and crises of legitimacy (2017)
* Freedom Speech at the Boris Nemtsov Forum (2018).

András Máté-Tóth
* The Hungarian Religious Leaders’ Statements from the Beginning of the Migration [Crisis] (2016)
* Heiner Hug, ‘Orbánistan?’(interview 2018; in German)
* Youtube: Wounded Collective Identity: Interpreting Central and Eastern Europe (2018).

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