Happy New Year | Communicantes is Moving to a New Address

Dear Friend of Communicantes,
Thinking about moving from one place to another and about how to send our friends and partners a meaningful change of address, I remembered a recent news article. It mentioned the Italian Roman Catholic priest, angelologist and demonologist Renzo Lavatori, who claims that angels are ‘shards of light’ rather than winged entities with human features.
So, do angels have wings? An intriguing question, then after all, the oldest sources of our Christian belief are not consistent in this. Take the Old Testament for example: angels may have six wings (Isaiah 6), four wings (Ezekiel 1) or no wings at all: Jacob in his dream saw a stairway and the angels of God ascending and descending on it (Genesis 28).
Still, some peace of mind and inspiration we may draw from Saint Augustine’s De civitate Dei VIII 25. Commenting on the enigmatic Hermes Trismegistus, the bishop of Hippo insisted more on the properties of the angels than on their physical appearance and the way how to get in touch with the Divine through them.
…for the mere fact of our dwelling on earth under the conditions of life in the flesh does not prevent our fellowship with them.  It is only prevented when we, in the impurity of our hearts, mind earthly things.  But in this present time, while we are being healed that we may eventually be as they are, we are brought near to them by faith, if by their assistance we believe that He who is their blessedness is also ours.

We wish you a blessed, cheerful and happy New Year!

Communicantes shall move to its new office on 13 January 2014. Read more