A Treasure from our Communicantes Library

Communicantes is going to move from Nijmegen to Tilburg. Yesterday, we have been packing up books at our Nijmegen office. On the shelves, we found several articles by the Dominican Father Professor Magister G.P. Kreling (1888-1973). Communicantes’ founder, Father Jan Bakker s.s.s. (1914-1982), was a student and great admirer of the famous Kreling, who in turn was a great admirer and advocate of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Very much like our Pope Francis, Kreling in his days felt great discomfort with the arid Neo-Scholastic commentaries. In 1939, he delivered a lecture “The Divine Mystery in Theology” at Nijmegen university. There, Kreling neatly quoted Rudolf Otto: “ein begriffener Gott, ist kein Gott” (A God comprehend is no God), but resisted the temptation of a merely positive theology and the agnosticism of a Protestant theologian like Karl Barth. Kreling favoured the intellectualism of Saint Thomas as radical openness towards reality as a whole and towards the reality of a self-revealing God. A treasure from our Communicantes library and a nice read, even after 75 years.