Innovation and Tradition

Saturday 26 October 2013, Frans Hoppenbrouwers and board member Joop Wortelboer of Communicantes visited the conference “Innovation and Tradition” celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Dutch Centre for the Social Teaching of the Church CSLK. It was worthwhile to travel all the way to Vogelenzang (Bird’s song).
Various themes were addressed, e.g.: the meaning of the STC in politics, STC and civil society (by Pieter Kohnen director of VKMO) and STC in international relations. An interesting quote of Jos van Gennip, who discussed politics: “The founding father of the European Union Robert Schuman wouldn’t stand a chance in an election in 2013.” As a principled politician, van Gennip told his audience, Schuman would have been unable to function in the “Bermuda triangle” of modern-day media. He would have come across as lacking media presence, unprovocative and therefore uninteresting to the broadcaster’s interests. Read more at the website of the CSLK centre.