“Is there a place for me in the Church?” is an international project of the Echoes-Network, which is now in the course of preparation. This morning, Echoes-Network coordinator Ph.D. student Mario Vukoja and Frans Hoppenbrouwers of Communicantes met at a very stormy Tilburg Central Station (Netherlands), where we discussed our respective dialogue projects.The Echoes-Network is an international network of scholars and postgraduate students from Central and Eastern Europe, whose desire it is to promote creative and constructive dialogue between civil society and religion. The scope of the Echoes-Network ranges from theology and sociology of religion to political science. “Is there a place for me in the Church?” is a project “based on testimonies of individuals who are members of the Church, but for some reason feel distanced from it, or from its institutional setting.” Read more about this interesting initiative @ (in English and six different Eastern European languages) and on Facebook Echoes Academia.