Christmas 2011

Why actually God came to live among us? At Christmas, God shakes hands with mankind, saying that life is good, in spite of sorrow, pain, war and crisis. But that’s not all! God shakes hands with all mankind and softly pulls it towards Him. Similarly, we must try to reach out to our fellow man and make this world a better place, in all things, big and small, for ourselves and for others. For example: we must always try see the good in other people and try to make their life more enjoyable; and on a more global scale: war must end; tears must be wiped away; the hungry must be fed. And if we do well, we come closer to God and God will reveal Himself in all things, big and small.
Jesus did not just talk. He did the right thing. He came without PR consultants, flashing lights or armed policemen. Self-advertisement was not His thing. Jesus was all about His message of love, which neatly fits man’s grandeur: reaching for the stars with an attentive eye for all things small and humble.
The Gospel shows us what the good is like, and how we may come closer to God and He to us. It also shows that doing the right thing demands sacrifices, big and small, However, if we look more carefully at how church leaders dealt with sexual abuse in the past, it becomes obvious how much they failed to live up to fundamental Evangelic truths. And became examples of man’s lowliness. (FH)