Let’s go Belarus!

From 17 to 28 October 2011, project and content manager Frans Hoppenbrouwers will be visiting the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches of Belarus. Since 2004 Communicantes supports Roman and Greek Catholic projects, for example pastoral care for prisoners and the training of volunteers. Furthermore, election time excepted, there’s not too much of Belarus in the news. Yet another good reason to go and have a look. Again! This will be my first visit since 2004. It will take me from Minsk to Grodno and then via Minsk to Vitebsk. (See the map.) After my return, I will let you know of my experiences.

Belarus is a rather unknown, even somewhat forgotten country on the European Union’s eastern border. Here you find some links with more information. In alphabetical order:
- Belarus.by. Official Website of the Republic of Belarus;
Belarusian Greek Catholic Church;
Belarusian Orthodox Church (with a link to the official, Belarusian language website);
- News from the State press agency Belta (with interesting infographics);
- Lonely Planet Guide;
Roman Catholic Church;
- Wikipedia: Belarus;
- The CIA’s World Factbook: Belarus.