Christianity and Society

Christian faith is still very much part of Western society, though its role, prerogatives, nature and contribution have been fiercely debated over and over again. The Master ‘Christianity and Society’ of the Tilburg University (Netherlands) focuses on this relationship between Christianity and society, and between society and Christianity. The programme is open to international students, who want to investigate how ‘Christianity and society mutually shape and guide each other, with implications for the lives of people everywhere in the world.’

This process of mutual enrichment and of dialogue, which does not exclude diverging points of view or even conflict, is being researched in an interdisciplinary programme. Four fields of interest stand out: Christianity and politics, government and law; Christianity and the social and economic world; Christianity and modern art and science; and finally Christianity and world religions. Read the brochure or visit the website. The Annual Lecture Christianity and Society 2011 on Catholic development work is available at the website also. (FH)