Sep 01

Women Theologians

In some Roman Catholic circles feminism is considered of something suspect. Seemingly, this word denotes several evils that have come about through the re-appreciation of womanhood: a new and problematic relationship between man and woman; motherhood, rather optional than a duty, competes with various models of self-determination; the decline of male authority. Undeniably, these and other changes are positive and negative in the same time, for men and for women. When we visit our parish church on Sunday, however, we can clearly see that the Church itself is by and large feminised as well. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of church-goers is female, in Western and in Eastern Europe. Continue reading

Aug 17

“Rural Areas in Upheaval”

Renovabis – “Active solidarity of the German Roman Catholics with the people of Central and Eastern Europe” – will hold its annual conference on 1-3 September 2011. This year’s conference is devoted to the erosion of the quality of life in the Eastern European countryside. Theme: “Rural Areas in Upheaval”. Can the Churches in Eastern Europe somehow contribute to a solution? Continue reading

Jan 01

Studiedag “De vrouw in de katholieke kerk van Oost-Europa”

Kom op zaterdag 3 november 2012 naar onze studiedag De vrouw in de katholieke kerk van Oost-Europa - voor wie geïnteresseerd is in de maatschappelijke en kerkelijke ontwikkelingen en de positie van de vrouw in Oost-Europa. Lees de folder bij deze studiedag en het persbericht in MSWord of PDF. Vergeten aan te melden? Toch van harte welkom op 3 november in Hernen. Continue reading